Healthy Living

Healthy Living comes from a choice to become an informed consumer; it is my opinion that we all have a personal responsibility to ourselves to become educated on what is in our food and our environments, and most of all how these things affect us both positively and negatively. To me, living “healthy” is a constant evolution. As I continue to research and learn more about our food, environment, and being human, I continue to shift the way I choose to live in order to incorporate the least toxins and inevitably the healthiest choices that I can find for my family. I encourage you to read my thoughts with an open mind and if they cause an emotional response, please do your own research to further your education. You may be surprised by what you find. Knowledge is power and you can not stop knowing the truths you start to uncover. Thanks for joining me and sharing my experiences, ideas, and DIY recipes for working towards a healthier lifestyle.