In Memoriam

Fifteen years ago I met the prettiest brown haired girl. She happened to have same name as me, though spelled slightly different. We spent only a few times together and I knew that she was special. It wasn’t long and I fell head over heels in love!! She was the most laid back agreeable friend anyone could ask for. She gave her love endlessly, all for a belly rub or the throw of a stick. Then one night I was there when her owner came to pick her up after a long night at work, and then I knew why she was such a great dog. It wasn’t long and that Kallee girl and I became best buds. She wiggled her wet brown doggie nose into my cat loving heart and changed my life forever.


Chris got Kallee when she was eight weeks old and I came about a year later. Kallee was the source of endless hours of laughs and entertainment for us and all of our friends and family who have known her. She moved with us 2000 miles across the country in our budding life together; she was our constant in a life that was ever changing. She put up with us even after we welcomed a cat into our home and later kids! Her first time at the Pacific Ocean she was literally shaking with excitement at the smells in the air and was so exhausted on the drive home that she couldn’t hold up her sand covered nose any longer and was zonked out for two days. She would always beg for one last fetch even though she was utterly exhausted from swimming in the ocean.

After Chris and I decided to get married, there was no question in our mind that Kallee would play a part in our special day. She was the best looking ring bearer I have ever seen and she knew exactly what to do with that pillow during the ceremony; I mean why not catch some zzz’s until the real excitement begins. Kallee was THE reason why we met most of our friends throughout our life, walking her for countless hours and socializing with random people all along the way. Most of those random people are still our friends to this day and they loved Kallee almost as much as we did. Despite her large ninety pound mass, she will always remain the best ever lap dog that I have ever met.





Unfortunately, like all good pets, they cannot stay with us forever. It has been a few years now since we had to say good bye to our sweet girl Kallee. She started to decline in health and eventually had cancerous growths and we had to release her from her suffering. We had her cremated and took her for one last trip to the Oregon coast, her favorite place in the world, and then sent her back to Mother Earth.

It’s crazy how much an animal can imprint upon your heart and change your very being, just by being themselves. I never liked dogs before I met her! Even today, our new dog is sweet and she is just over a year old, so still a bit puppy naughty, but she is nothing like the dog that Kallee was. She is different and lovable in her own way, but I still sit back and think about how sweet and loving Kallee was and how special she was in my relationship with Chris. She literally was our first “child” together and all pet owners know that “fur babies” count just as much as real ones! I am an animal lover, in general, and I have as much love for many of the cats of my past that have gone over the Rainbow Bridge, but Kallee will always be a little bit special for just being who she was.

Kallee can offer us all a lesson to remember, that we are all unique and have lovable qualities. Just be yourself and your people will love you know matter what. Sometimes those people are with you from when you were little, other times those people walk into your life completely oblivious to your awesomeness. Just be you through and through!

Thinking of you Kallee-girl!



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  1. Kallee was an excellent dog! Though I haven’t seen her since college days, I still remember her. Sorry to hear of her passing. Here’s hoping you and Chris are doing well! Haven’t seen either of you since then either! Found my way here due to the fire and was pleasantly surprised to see a friendly face in the bio photograph. Please know that I am sending good vibes to your husband’s family to settle back in quickly.

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