Real Food-ie

I love food! I love to eat real food that tastes fabulous. You know, the kind of food that tickles your taste buds and makes a happy dance all around inside your mouth, with the added benifits of nourishing you from the inside out. The best way that I know how to eat good food is by cooking it myself. ‘Good food’ to me is food from the source ie, free range eggs, raw milk, homemade everything, no processed crapola, non gmo, healthy fats like coconut oil, butter, and olive oil, natural sweeteners like raw honey; my list goes on but you get the point. I certainly can’t afford some fancy schmancy restaurant with the exotic entree’s and most run of the mill restaurants do not serve quality food in my humble opinion. I control the ingredients that go in, which decidedly creates the dynamo flavor combo that goes down my gullet. Since I am American to the core raised on a cattle ranch (BEEF its what’s for dinner,) I have a one sided pallet but am always looking to enhance my culinary expertise by trying new and exciting dishes often. I am absolutely serious…I want to know what your favorite dishes are, both traditional family recipes and off the wall originals. Recipes are always welcome, I will try them out and post my results. Contact me any time with any flavor!!